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Developed for comapnies where
geographic information
is the key!

Works online.
No installation required.

Crm9000 - Works on mobile devices and desktop computers


Crm9000 is a modern computer program developed for comapnies utilising maps and geographic information in their every day customer relations. With Crm9000, you will improve sales, reduce costs and save lots of time.
With the use of modern computer and Internet technology, there is no need to install the program on your local drive. It is updated automatically and does not require constant maintenance. The collected data is stored in a secure data center which can be accessed by authorized staff only.

Key features and benefits of the program are described below.


persons, places,
and companies


and tasks




data analysis
on the map


secure access
via internet

Contacts are essential for any company.
Crm9000 allows you to manage your contacts electronically. Thanks to the modern technologies, you will get 24h access to the contacts not only within the walls of the company, but from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a tablet or a smartphone and Internet access. Employees with the appropriate permissions will be able to update contacts on the go.

The database mentioned above has a simple, easy to use search engine, which makes it easier to access the selected records, whether current or archival. Crm9000 reports changes made to the records and allows you to view the history of all the operations.
The database is supplemented with information about people, places and companies.

Crm9000 helps to record communication content to and from customer. You can add events and actions related to a customer in the same place. For example: dates of planned meetings and conversations.

Each action has fields indicating the direction of communication (to/from customer) and priority (low, normal,hidh)
Easy to use search engine allows you to browse communication history for selected customer. Each action can be assigned to a selected member of staff.

We invite you to try out the DEMO version of the program, as well as to acquaint yourself with the list of functions available in the price list.

Projects helps to organise processes.

Crm9000 allows you to create projects with completion dates and priority flag. Project is a header record for multiple contacts, persons, places and companies. Allows you to record actions and communication related to this project.

We invite you to test the DEMO version of the program, as well as to acquaint yourself with the list of functions available in the price list.

The program provides a wide variety of reports.
It is also possible to display data on the map as well.
New reports are added in the development of the program. The built-in search engine allows you to quickly find the necessary report by searching through the database by a specific category or keywords.

Reports history allows you to download reports generated in the past, thereby you can analyze changes in daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports. The reports can be saved to your local drive, as well as sent via e-mail in the attachment.

Crm9000 reports concern all major modules of the program, including contacts, actions, projects and more.

The program does not require installation nor assistance of an IT specialist.
It works just like an online bank account, with similar technologies and security measurements involved.
It is easily and quickly accessible via smartphones, tablets, laptops and your desktop computer as well. Wherever you have access to the World Wide Web.

The management team will have access to the data from any place in the world.
The company's staff will be able to browse and update records on the go.

We invite you to try out the DEMO version of the program, as well as to acquaint yourself with the list of functions available in the price list.

Process management

The Crm9000 allows you to link selected people, places and companies into projects. Then allows you to plan and record actions, and manage processes.

Contacts in one place

In the Crm9000 system, all contacts (including persons, places and companies) are collected in one place. This approach enables you to find necessary contact quick, regardless of its type. Key feature of the program is an ability to link contacts between each other so, you can link properties with its owners or companies with its branches.

Full communication history

The program allows you to record events in contacts with customer. We are saying here about broad meaning of communication, both actual and planned.